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Uzice "superman" enters Russia after 37 days of walking: Coronavirus puts many obstacles in his way

The "Visting Putin" project is approaching its goal

After 37 days of walking, the Uzice superman - Milovan Milutinovic - entered the territory of Russia yesterday. He says he's been trough a Golgotha in Poland - where he spent three days at the border, only to cross it on the fourth.

milovan milutinovic uzicki supermen

Photo: Uzice oglasna tabla

During that time, Milovan slept in trucks and by the side of the road, especially as borders began to close due to the epidemic.

However, there were also nice moments along the way, as shown by a photo with a Russian man he met, who wept when he saw him and told him about his mission, which is to walk from Uzice in Serbia on foot from Russia to be able to shake President Putin's hand, Uzice Oglasna Tabla portal writes.

According to him, during a single day of walking through Poland he counted 500 trucks that were driving towards him. The wind was also blowing strongly. He says he stopped and turned away 500 times as each truck passed him. Now he's in a motel in Russia, he has bought food and milk, so his backpack weighs 24 kilos!

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