Teme: Russia

The Honorary Chinese Guard and Red Carpet for the President of Serbia: Vucic arrived in Beijing (TELEGRAF AT THE SCENE)

Intensive forming of "Great Albania"! A warning from Moscow arrived

"I am an American soldier who follows orders on the field": Haradinaj admitted that he is just following orders

The USA strikes Russia in a hidden message! They are using the crisis on Kosovo to remain in Balkans: Amecian general announced the help to "Kosovo Army"

Britons seek censorship of the movie "The Balkan Line": They are bothered by the Russian-Serbian fight for Kosmet

"NATO created an ecological disaster in Serbia like the one in Chernoble": Grandson of the former Russian prime minister comes to explore the consequences of bombing

A Russian volunteer lost his eye in the war in Kosovo in 1999, and he has named his son Lazar: After 20 years he says "Your brother kisses you, I will always be with you" (PHOTO)

"Security situation in the Balkans is fragile," the US general warned: the region is the main target of Russia's "malignant" influence

We have no obstacles to go to the elections, we are waiting for one thing: Vucic about snap elections (PHOTO)

Putin completed the visit to Serbia with a few words in front of the Temple of Saint Sava, and he thanked tens of thousands of people (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Putin accuses the West of destabilizing the Balkans, Serbia welcomes him: Foreign media on the visit of the Russian president

Vladimir Putin is coming to Serbia today: The details of the official visit of the President of the Russian Federation (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

I always told Putin the truth, even if he doesn't like it: Vucic about the relationship with the Russian president

Putin will award Vucic with a prestigious medal: A turbulent history of Order of Alexander Nevsky, its name, looks, and symbolism kept changing

Russia ready to join the negotiations about Kosovo: Popovic after the talks in Moscow

Russian "Gazprom" decided: The "Turkish stream" will definitely go through Serbia, we will have cheaper gas in 2020

Kolinda met with numerous world leaders in Paris, and she conveyed greetings to Putin from her daughter

Thaci praised on Twitter about the meeting with Putin, Kremlin is still silent: What were they talking about?

Serbs will lose Hilandar monastery if they go with Moscow: Split of the Orthodox church threatens with immeasurable consequences

The most influential newspaper in the wolds asks: How could the border change happen in 2008, and now it can't?

Students from Vranje dominated in Russia: They returned from Bios Olympiad with four medals

Vucic wished Putin a happy birthday, and then the Russian president mentioned Serbia in his response

US Senator admits: Donald Trump is interested in the solution of the Kosovo issue!

Meeting with Putin is the proof of Vucic's reputation in the international community: Vesic about the meeting of the presidents of Serbia and Russia

First, the race of Formula 1, and then talks about politics: Dodik met with Putin in Sochi

Strike factories, schools, hospitals, anything! Serbs will never forget Senator McCain's words about the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 (VIDEO)

Albanians are afraid of Serbian "MIGs": Here's how the Pristina media broadcast test flight of our combat aircraft

Sergey Lavrov sends a message to Milorad Dodik: Moscow is ready to support Republika Srpska over the status

The crowd in Guca cheered "Russia, Russia", they played Kalinka in honor of Zakharova! She was amazed at the new title, and she received a gift with Putin's picture (VIDEO)

What is Russia's position on the demarcation: Putin's Masha sent a clear message to Belgrade (PHOTO)