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Novi Sad dentist to be prosecuted for receiving patients even as he developed coronavirus symptoms

If the Law on Infectious Diseases is not complied with, the prison sentence is up to 12 years

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A criminal complaint will be filed against a dentist from Novi Sad - who treated his patients while exhibiting coronavirus symptoms - says the provincial health secretary, Zoran Gojkovic. As he explained, the dentist, who has a private practice, is now one of the three patients currently on ventilators at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases of the Clinical Center of Vojvodina.

Dr. Gojkovic said that another patient who is treated at the same clinic will also face criminal charges, but failed to specify who this was, RTS reports.

"And these will be serious criminal sanctions for the two patients admitted yesterday in to the Clinical Center of Vojvodina, especially the one who is already on a ventilator, who has a private dental practice and who according to our knowledge worked for a while even with the signs of the infection. I will personally file criminal charges against such persons," said Gojkovic.

He recalled that the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia regulates that those violating the Law on Infectious Diseases can be sent to prison for up to three years; if a serious act related to transmission of infection to other persons is committed, the sentence goes up to eight years, and if any of these acts lead to the death of another person, imprisonment is up to 12 years.

Gojkovic once again warned those healthcare workers who still do not understand the gravity of the situation that the state will do its utmost when it comes to the legal procedure.

"Its nobody's whim, it's the law and you can all read Articles 249 and 259 of the Criminal Code regarding the punishment of those who do not respect the Law on Infectious Diseases," Gojkovic added.

A total of 36 coronavirus cases have been registere in the territory of the province of Vojvodina, with 13 people currently hospitalized.

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