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Mijatovic describes panic in Spain, reveals what awaits Luka Jovic when he returns to Real Madrid

Jovic is certainly aware that he made a mistake, but the "royal" club does not forgive...

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Legendary footballer Predrag Mijatovic spoke for TV Prva from Spain about the situation in that country, and in the end touched on the current situation with Luka Jovic.

"The situation in Spain is very difficult, I see that there is a kind of psychosis and people have already started to get into some kind of panic. As you know, a state of emergency was introduced here two weeks ago and has been extended for another two weeks," said Mijatovic.

"We're already talking about some alarming numbers. More than 33,000 people getting sick, more than 2,300 dead. We're all worried."

Mijatovic isn't leaving the house unless there's serious need.

"I'm with my family under strict house quarantine. I don't find it difficult because I've often been quarantined throughout my career, but I see that the family is a little concerned. Everything is fine so far, thank God, but I think this is a problem that everyone must take seriously."

What measures are being taken in Spain?

"The healthcare system in Spain is one of the best in Europe, however, the collapse is so big that hospitals cannot accommodate so many people. They didn't expect the epidemic to spread so fast. They cannot find a way to care for everyone who needs it. That's why they are urging everyone to follow the advice."

The problem is global, everything started from China.

"I think that Europe didn't take the situation seriously when the virus appeared in China and now we are in a way paying for it. People were nonchalant about it because they thought it wouldn't reach us. The mentality here is to go out, go for a walk, people were in restaurants and at events 12-13 days ago. That's where it all began. If everything had been taken seriously in the beginning, I think the number of the sick and dead would be lower."

Luka Jovic is a hot topic, so Mijatovic also commented on the young football star.

"I personally wish that Luka Jovic was talked about as a player who scored a lot of goals for Real (Madrid). However, that's not the case. I see his arrival in Belgrade and violation of the isolation order is currently a topic. I don't know the situation so well, but if he violated isolation I think it's a serious problem and I think he will face adequate consequences."

The Spanish media are saying that a punishment awaits him, and Mijatovic mentioned this indirectly.

"The other day in Spain the sports press reported that, but that is now in the background. If he made a violation, then he will have problems. Not only now at Real, but also regarding his future at the club."

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