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Partizan Football Club legend hospitalized over suspected coronavirus: "My lungs nearly shut down"

God forbid that this happens to anyone, you can't breathe, your temperature goes up and down, you can't move from the weakness - the coach testifies for our portal

Zvonko Varga, FK Partizan

Zvonko Varga as Partizan FC coach; Photo: MN Press

Legendary footballer and later Partizan FC coach Zvonko Varga has been admitted to the Pulmonology Ward of the Clinical Center of Serbia, with clear indications that he had contracted coronavirus.

Varga was tested for the virus a few days ago and sould get the official confirmation today - as the procedure for obtaining the results has slowed down due to the increased number of cases.

Last week, Varga's situation was quite difficult, but thanks to the doctors, the timely reaction and therapy, his condition stabilized, and Telegraf contacted the former Partizan ace who confirms for us that he has been through Dante's circles of Hell...

"I am currently at the Clinical Center of Serbia, at the Pulmonology Ward and at the moment everything is fine, in fact, the situation is much better than in the past days. I do not yet have the official test results, but judging by the symptoms, it all points to myself not being bypassed by coronavirus," Zvonko Varga told our portal.

How long has this been going on, what has happened recently?

"Exactly two weeks ago, it was also a Monday, I felt a slight weakness in my body, and a few days later I experienced a low fever. I thought this was transient, but on the following weekend, Saturday, it suddenly got scary. The temperature started to jump and fall, my lungs almost shut down, I couldn't breathe.

I immediately went to the clinic in Pasterova Street (in Belgrade), after which I was referred to the Infectious Diseases Clinic. I can't even describe the feeling in my body, no breath, body temperature jumping and falling from one hour to the next, you can't move."

Now the situation has improved?

"Yes, it's far better. I am treated at the Pulmonology Ward, we are waiting for the test results from a few days ago. All along, I have been under supervision of the doctors and under therapy, so the situation has stabilized. The body is better, the temperature is back to normal. The way it had been - now it's great," sighs Varga.

The procedure is such that the family will also need to be tested?

"That's right, that's what we've been told. The wife's been fine so far, she doesn't have any symptoms, I hope that will remain so, so that other family members don't have to go through what I went through. God forbid this befalling anyone, people should take care, listen to the advice of experts, because you will save yourselves and others that way," concluded Zvonko Varga.

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