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Flags are flying: Belgrade municipality Vozdovac thanks Russia for helping Serbia fight coronavirus

Both the Chinese and the Russian flags are now displayed on the building of the Belgrade City Municipality of Vozdovac, and this is how gratitude is expressed towards the friends of Serbia

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GO Voždovac

Printscreen: Facebook/Градска oпштина Вождовац / Vozdovac Municipality

The Belgrade city municipality of Vozdovac thanked the Russian Federation for all the assistance it has provided to Serbia in combating the coronavirus epidemic.

This Belgrade municipality, on its official Facebook page, shared a video showing Serbian and Russian flags fluttering together, displayed on its administrative building.

"A sign of gratitude to the Russian brothers for the great help they are providing to the Serbian people these days. Thank you so much," the video says.

This is not the first time that Vozdovac has expressed gratutude for the assistance our country has received to combat the Covid-19 epidemic. A few weeks ago, the same municipality of the capital city thanked China and President Xi Jinping for all their help and support to Serbia.

The Vozdovac municipal administration buildings now disply Chinese and Russian flags, as a way to thank these friends of Serbia.

Video: 11 planes deliver medical aid from the Russian Federation


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