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Dr. Kon: Number of coronavirus cases could start growing after May 18, no one should be surprised

"That can still be prevented," says Dr. Predrag Kon, an epidemiologist

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Poto: Tanjug/Tara Radovanovic

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon, a member of the Crisis HQ for the fight against coronavirus, pointed out last night on Facebook that it is by no means time for mass gatherings, and that it is likely that due to excessively relaxed behavior, we will have an increase in the number of new cases after May 18.

"It is by no means the time for mass public gatherings...," Dr. Kon wrote and added:

"We are still far from the virus not being in circulation. With excessive relaxation and increased frequency of contacts, it is quite probable that we will have an increase of cases after May 18. NO ONE SHOULD BE SURPRISED. However, it can still be prevented. Just as long as measures are implemented. If it can't be done, we will have to move once again from recommendations to mandatory implementation of measures, i.e. the other side of the index, with a picture and personal data."

An epidemic of special significance due to coronavirus is still in force in Serbia.

218 people died of Covid-19 in Serbia so far, while 10,176 persons tested positive for the virus.

Predrag Kon

Printscreen: Facebook/Predrag Kon

You can monitor data on coronavirus from all over the world on this page (in Serbian): https://www.telegraf.rs/covid-19

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