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Vucic: Situation in Vranje is not good. We try not to hide anything, to show true results

"If there weren't for Vranje, it would have been below 2 percent," the President of Serbia said about the current epidemic results

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President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic today toured works on the reconstruction and construction of the Clinical Center of Serbia in Belgrade within Phase A, and then answered questions from reporters. When it comes to the situation in Vranje, where the number of people infected with coronavirus jumped sharply yesterday, he said that he received the results and that they are somewhat better than yesterday, but that they are still not good.

" We are looking to establish all contacts of those 53 people from yesterday. And by 10 o'clock there were 15 more people, if I'm not mistaken, that have been infected in Vranje. That is not good, but we also try not to hide anything and show the real results. Yesterday, Croatia did 1,053 tests, and we did 6,600, we are not exactly 6 times bigger than them. But we are doing these tests to show people that we have to take care of ourselves and take care of their health," he said and added:

"And now we are trying to identify all the people who were in contact with those infected and immediately send them for treatment in order to prevent the spread and someone losing their life. We have another 8 out of 260 (tested) in Leskovac, similarly in Nis, there were 11 out of 800 in Belgrade, but in any case, as long as it goes up to 2 percent and we try to lower it further it's good, if there weren't for Vranje, it would be below 2 percent."


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