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Opposition politician and MP Bosko Obradovic ends hunger strike

"There are other ways to continue this fight," he said

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Bosko Obradovic

Photo: Tanjug/Rade Prelic

Dveri Movement MPs Bosko Obradovic and Ivan Kostic decided today to end their hunger strike, while Obradovic stated that he was convinced they had done everything to draw domestic and international attention to the undemocratic character of the current government.

"There is only so much that can be done with announcements, tweets, big words. It takes personal sacrifice and example for the citizens to really believe that you believe in what you are saying," Obradovic told reporters.

The five demands they defined during the strike, he says, will be the basis of a "political manifesto" in which they will call on the people to "defend the Constitution, Kosovo and Metohija, fight corruption and crime and fight for the freedom of the media."

The Dveri Movement continues to actively boycott the (election) campaign, said Obradovic and announced that the slogan "Freedom, security, justice for all" is becoming the motto of a new Dveri campaign and "a new political manifesto for to form a constitution defense movement".

Obradovic also stressed that he and Kostic had been urged to end the hunger strike by the bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church and their colleagues and citizens, and that he personally made the decision to end the strike at the urging of his family.

"There are other ways to continue this fight," said Obradovic.

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