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Attackers on Montenegrin clan leader Zvicer tried to flee to Moldova, got caught armed to the teeth

The persons suspected of attacking Zvicer resisted arrest and tried to escape from the Ukrainian police

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Radoje Zvicer, automobil

Photo: Vijesti, Printscreen: Facebook/Киев Оперативный

The attackers on the head of the Kavac clan, Radoje Zvicer, who was seriously wounded in downtown Kiev yesterday, have been arrested. According to the local police, four people have been arrested, and they are citizens of Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

The persons suspected of attacking Zvicer resisted arrest and tried to escape from the Ukrainian police, but they managed to catch them.

According to the police, those now under arrest entered the country in early May, where they then bought a car, as well as weapons, and tried to track down Zvicer, carefully planning the assassination. The head of the Kavac clan (a Montenegrin crime gang) was attacked last night not far from the house where he lived.

The attackers fired several bullets at Zvicer inflicting severe injuries on him. He is now in a serious condition and the doctors are fighting to save his life.

After the assassination, the attackers fled; however, not far from the crime scene, they jumped out of their vehicle and tried to set it on fire, getting injured themselves by the flames.

The police caught them using footage from surveillance cameras, tracking down the assassins, but also their associates.

"They got into another car and headed in the direction of the Odessa region, probably to cross the border with Moldova. Aware that the attackers were armed, the police involved special teams in the operation, and four people have been detained," the Ukrainian police announced.

They have been remanded in custody and will be questioned.

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