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Dinamo Zagreb fans attack Red Star Belgrade fans, then run away from Serbs in Vukovar

New details about the clash between Serbian and Croatian football supporters in Vukovar, Croatia

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Vukovar was the scene of a real street war between football fans on Thursday night! Namely, a branch of the Bad Blue Boys (BBB, fans of Dinamo Zagreb) from Vukovar attacked Delije (Red Star Belgrade fans) from this city - rather than Partizan Belgrade fans (Grobari) as was originally thought and reported by the Croatian media.

As Telegraf has learned from sources close to supporter groups in Vukovar, fans of Dinamo found out where Delije from Vukovar were, and attacked them, armed with sticks and flares, while they were sitting in a cafe.

Chaos ensued, which was documented on video, and according to new information, Croatian fans got the short end of the stick, although there were injuries on both sides.

Croatian media reported that six people asked for medical help at the Vukovar hospital after the fight, while 16 participants in the fight have been detained. One of the more seriously injured was among the Red Star fans.

Partizan fan helps Red Star fans, gets arrested

The initially reports said that the fight was between Dinamo and Partizan supporters because one Partizan fan, who was at the same place at the time of the attack on Red Star fans, jumped in to help the Serb fans and was eventually arrested. Based on his arrest, the media concluded that it was a clash between Partizan and Dinamo supporters.

See the video of the fight at the top of the page.

Grobari Vukovar

The Grobari Vukovar banner is seen in the middle of the stand, on the fence; Photo: MN Press

Delije Sever, zastave, zastava, FK Crvena zvezda, Napoli

The flag of Red Star supporters from Vukovar, reading "Vukovar" in Cyrillic; Photo: Nikola Jovanovic


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