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Doctor Kon: I didn't expect the virus to have this potential during the summer

As Doctor Kon says, we are now at the maximum of the second peak

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Photo: Tanjug/Tara Radovanovic

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon has said that he did not expect the new coronavirus to show such potential during the summer.

"That unexpectedness didn't just happen to us. Wherever measures were relaxed, that suddenly appeared," Kon said last night.

He added that "matches are coming up" in our country, which still, as he says, did not produce as many consequences as could be expected.

Kon told N1 that we did not dare to talk about the situation in Belgrade yet.

"I think we are now at the maximum of the second peak. It's very important that these measures are established, even if sanctions are applied in case they are not respected," the epidemiologist stressed.

Kon said that the original lockdown was replaced by masks with the new measures.

"Today, there are clear studies that show an individual's mask gives them only 30 percent protection, but if everyone wears them - that's more than 90 percent," said Kon.

He believes that the current scenario is not the worst that could have happened and that the fact the second peak happened during the summer is a mitigating circumstance, because it is not "colliding with seasonal flu."

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