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Doctor Kon ahead of Crisis HQ: We completely lost trust of people, we will ban public gatherings

Doctor Predrag Kon said that yesterday the figures showed that the situation in Belgrade was more favorable, however, the latest indicate that it is on the verge of an emergency

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Photo: Tanjug/Sava Radovanovic

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon, a member of the Crisis HQ for the fight against coronavirus, said this morning before the session of this body that public gatherings will most likely be banned. He stated that the most restrictive measure is the closure of Belgrade, that is, a curfew, but he also said that doctors are against that.

He pointed out that yesterday, based on the received data, it seemed that the situation in Belgrade was more favorable, however, the latest data shows that it is unfavorable with the possibility of producing an emergency.

"There are about 1,500 hospitalized people in Belgrade, yesterday there were 134 admissions, which is less than when it hit the maximum. However, yesterday we had data from Covid outpatients clinics which showed that the disease is decreasing, but the latest data was not very satisfactory," Doctor Kon told RTS.

He stated that hospitals fill up quickly, but that there are no quick discharges, because patients stay in for two to three weeks on average, and some require even five to six weeks.

"Approximately 600 people are tested daily in Belgrade, those who seek testing for symptoms. This trend is maintained, there is no serious decrease, it seemed there was but it turned out with the latest data that it does not exist. All this indicates that the situation can hardly be said to be under control. That is why there has been talk of restrictive measures," says Doctor Kon and continues:

What measure will certainly suppress the virus?

"What must be said is that the ban on contacts is now in force, wearing masks indoors is mandatory. The latest research data show that if everyone wears masks, transmission is reduced to one percent. All celebrations, graduations, private parties are also something that is not acceptable at this moment because it will overburden the health system, there will be no place for everyone to be hospitalized. The most rigorous measure is curfew, but we doctors do not agree with that, although it is the safest measure to suppress the virus."

Doctor Kon said that public gatherings would be banned.

"It is enabled by law and will be in force, but the fact is that there is no room in hospitals," he said.

He stated that people must be clearly told what will happen in the fall and what will be done then. He is aware that the trust of  citizens has been lost.

"We have completely lost the trust of the people and it is clear why. Because of a lack of coherency and different stories and talking about everything we read and think about. There is a possibility of a huge wave in teh fall and we must prepare for the worst case scenarios and explain to citizens what is being done. That is the job of an epidemiologist, a network of institutes and institutes, and it's time to take over the job completely as soon as possible," said Doctor Kon, who last night posted, and then deleted a message on Facebook saying he would never leave a sinking ship.

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