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Horror in Montenegro: Father sells daughters, youngest is 8 years old, forces sons to beg

Z.K. (47) and S.H. (44) have been arrested during "Operation Arba"

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Two people have been arrested for human trafficking in Montenegro, one of whom, it is suspected, forced his minor children, the youngest of whom is six and the oldest 16, to forced labor, begging and arranged marriages, the Montenegrin Police Administration has announced.

Z.K. (47) and S.H. (44) have been arrested during "Operation Arba."

Z.K. is suspected of committing four criminal offenses related to trafficking in human beings.

"He committed the crime to the detriment of his minor children, L.K. (6), A.K. (8), D.K. (11), I.K. (13), M.K. (14), and R.K. (16). It is suspected that the Z.K. used his minor children for forced labor and begging continuously from October 5, 2018 until July 8, 2020, by applying force and threats against them, and by abusing their trust and dependence," the police announced.

He then, it is suspected, "sold" his underage 14-year-old daughter M.K. - through threats and abuse of trust and her dependent relationship - for the purpose of marriage. He did the same with his other underage daughters I.K. (aged 13) and A.K. (aged 8).

Officers from the Podgorica Security Center also arrested S.H. (44) on suspicion that at he committed two criminal acts related to human trafficking, RTCG reports.

"The criminal offense of trafficking in human beings was perpetrated to the detriment of the minor I.K. (13), which, as it is suspected, he committed by 'purchasing' this person for the purpose of marriage by force or threat, abuse of trust and dependence. The second criminal offense is of human trafficking, a charge brought against S.H. and committed to the detriment of his step daughter V.K., a resident of Podgorica," the statement specified.

It is suspected that the reported person, from April 17, 2019 until July 8, 2020, forced V.K. to perform forced labor and begging.

"Material evidence has been provided through criminal processing, and the suspects will be brought before the Higher State Prosecutor in Podgorica within the prescribed period, along with a criminal complaint," said the police.

Officers of the Security Center Podgorica will continue with proactive investigative activities and cooperation with the competent prosecutor's office in order to suppress and prevent this type of crime, it has been announced.

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