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When you hear what Doctor Nestorovic told us, you'll never wear a mask this way again

We are sure that every day you see at least someone who is covering only their mouth but not the nose

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Nestorovic, Korona Virus

Photo: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundzic, Pixabay

It is not unusual to see people in Serbian streets who remove their masks from their noses, thus protecting only their mouths.

Although this is an incorrect way of wearing a mask, even those who practice it are aware that they are not 100 percent protected, but they justify it with finding it difficult to breathe in hot weather with a covered nose.

However, few people know that in the case of coronavirus, the most important thing is for the mask to protect the nose - even more so than the mouth.

Moreover, in an earlier interview with Telegraf, Doctor Branimir Nestorovic confirmed that more severe symptoms of the coronavirus infection are more likely to develop if the virus enters the body through the nose.

"The difference is in the amount of the causative agent, a lot more of it enters through nose because the receptors are primarily in the nose. The amount of virus that enters the body is important," Doctor Nestorovic said at the time.

Experts previously explained that the virus multiplies far more if it enters through the nose, precisely because of the receptors mentioned by Doctor Nestorovic, so wearing a mask pulled under the nose is actually much more dangerous than people think.


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