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Horror unfolds as eight kids get hurt in carousel incident in northern Serbia

Three children suffered serious injuries

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Selo Kolut, ringišpil

Printscreen: Youtube/Срђан Коруга, Photo: Pixabay

Eight children were injured when a carousel broke apart in the village of Kolut near Sombor, on Sunday at around 8:30 pm.

As it turns out, the system broke apart as the carousel was turning around, reported soinfo.org.

Three children were seriously injured, while five received lighter injuries.

They were transferred to the town of Sombor by ambulance and none of them had life-threatening injuries. These are said to be mostly about possible fractures, bruises, and sprains. All those injured have been referred for further diagnosis. It is also evident that they experienced a great degree of shock.

The public prosecutor was informed about this case and should, in accordance with the law and evidence, conduct an investigation.

Ambulance and police crews showed up on the scene.

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