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Factory owner from Turkey says he's carrying only allowed amount of money: Customs think otherwise

The two Turkish citizens carried more than 200,000 US dollars and 50,000 euros in cash

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carinici, granični prelaz Horgoš, pokušaj krijumčarenja novca

Photo: Customs Administration

At the Horgos border crossing between Serbia and Hungary, customs officers, in cooperation with the police, today prevented the smuggling of more than 200,000 dollars and over 50,000 euros hidden in a space below and around the spare wheel in the trunk of a Land Rover.

The violation was discovered when the SUV in question, that had Polish license plates and was used by two Turkish citizens to travel to Turkey, got singled out for a detailed inspection at the entrance to the country.

Asked if they had anything to declare, both passengers said that they only carried personal luggage and the allowed amount of money.

A detailed check, however, showed that they were not telling the truth, because in the area below and around the spare wheel, customs officer found wads of hidden money.

210,000 dollars were fund in the trunk, while another 3,700 dollars and 47,120 euros were found in a bag carried by the 38-year-old driver, allegedly the owner of a textile factory in Turkey.

His 47-year-old companion had 7,200 dollars and 870 euros on him.

The seized money, the car and the passengers will be taken over by the police and the prosecutor's office.


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