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Doctor Gojkovic: Yes, unfortunately, a large number of coronavirus victims in Serbia were obese

Obesity is once again proving to be a big risk factor

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At today's press conference the Vojvodina Provincial Secretary of Health Doctor Zoran Gojkovic confirmed the words of Doctor Edita Stokic that obesity in Serbia, where one fifth of the population is overweight, is actually a big risk factor.

"Yes, unfortunately, a large number of our patients who passed away were people who were overweight, that is, they fit into the definition of obesity and consequent diabetes. You yourself said that a large number of our citizens suffer from obesity and that can be classified as a diagnosis. Over the last few years, the Provincial Secretariat and the Ministry of Health have been working on programmatic activities related to adopting healthy lifestyles, in an attempt to educate young and old as much as possible on how to eat, how to adapt their diet to the modern age, avoid fast food and everything that contributes to weight gain. Of course, we will continue to do that," he says.

According to Gojkovic, it is necessary to include several sectors in the process of educating citizens.

"We just talked before the start of this pandemic that not only the health sector, but also education, sports associations should all be included in all this, and that we should approach promoting and suggesting to all our citizens how important that is in a serious way. I hope that will come out of all this umisfortune as a positive thing, and that we will focus more on physical activity that we all strive for because it is very important," he concluded.


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