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Police stop Srdjan Nogo: Bags with paintball rifles and pyrotechnics found in the trunk

A week ago, Nogo announced that he would not allow today's constitution of the new convocation of the National Assembly and called on opposition leaders and sympathizers to come to "shoot" at future MPs

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Photo: Tanjug/Zoran Zestic

Former Dveri MP Srdjan Nogo, who previously announced that he would shoot at members of the Serbian National Assembly using paintball rifles, was stopped and identified by the police in Sarajevska Street in Belgrade this morning.

The police found bags loaded with paintball rifles and pyrotechnic devices in the trunk of his car, the daily Novosti reports.

Apparently, Nogo was determined in his intention to cause chaos in front of the Assembly today, because as we have learned, several of his supporters who carried slingshots were discovered in front of the building.

A week ago, Nogo announced that he would not allow today's first session of the new parliament to go ahead, and called on leaders and sympathizers of the opposition to come and "shoot" at the future deputies.

As he announced at the time, paintball rifles had already been ordered that can be used to fire flares, firecrackers and fireworks 200 to 300 meters - and which the opposition was supposed to use against the new members of the Serbian parliament.


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