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Loncar: We will not close any Covid hospital, Gojkovic: We are afraid of unwanted events

"We do not need another unwanted event, which would spoil the falling curve," said Provincial Secretary of Health Zoran Gojkovic

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Minister of Health Zlatibor Loncar said after a meeting with directors of Covid hospitals that we have shown that when we behave in a more disciplined manner, when we apply measures in the fight against coronavirus, we arrive at results.

He said that regardless of the fact that the number of infected people is declining, one should be extremely careful about returning hospitals to their previous level.

"We will not close any Covid hospital, we will only reduce the number of people in them, so that people (medical staff) can rest, because we don't know what will be happening in the coming days. What is extremely important is that we will not wait for the hospitals in the interior to be completely emptied of Covid patients, but as the wards are vacated, we will return them to serve other patients who are not infected, and who also need other services."

"As far as Belgrade is concerned, the strategy is to return dermatoverology, rheumatology and Orthopedics Banjica to the previous level as soon as the opportunity arises. That is the most important point from this meeting," said Dcoctor Loncar and once again appealed on citizens and reminded that the future depends on our behavior.

Vojvodina Provincial Secretary of Health Zoran Gojkovic said that there are fewer than 800 patients infected with coronavirus in hospitals in Vojvodina.

Zoran Gojković, Pokrajinski sekretar za zdravstvo, koronavirus laboratorije

Tanjug/Serbian government/Slobodan Miljevic

"We have had more people getting discharged than admitted for a number of days now. The number of infected people is also lower. That tells us that we have to implement everything we talked about, four or five months, and that is the way out of this situation. In addition to the large number of patients being treated for Covid, we also have 2,000 patients who are non-Covid. With the decrease in the influx of Covid patients, the capacities for non-Covid parts in hospitals will increase," said Gojkovic, who also once again made an appeal on people, but also pointed out what medical professionals are afraid of:

"Let's not get in trouble again. We are afraid and guard against incidents. We still have a lot of nursing homes, gerontological centers, we don't need a new unwanted event, which would spoil the falling curve," Gojkovic pointed out.


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