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Situation is serious in Veliki Popovac: 94 positive in nursing home, 83 residents and 11 employees

Results for another 43 people are awaited

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A total of 198 people have been tested in the Home for the Elderly in Veliki Popovac, 94 of whom were positive for coronavirus, the director of the Public Health Institute in Pozarevac, Ana Jovanovic, announced today.

Out of the 94 positive cases, 11 are employees, and 83 are residents in this nursing home.

Results for another 43 people are awaited.

At a press conference of the Crisis HQ a few days ago, when asked what is happening in Veliki Popovac, where allegedly one doctor with several nurses was providing care for 280 residemts, of which 80 had already been diagnosed with coronavirus, Loncar said that he spoke about it with Minister Zoran Djordjevic.

"We have solved this problem in cooperation with all services, increased the number of staff, provided additional people. More than 10 healthcare workers are on their way there. We will monitor this situation from day to day," said Loncar

Video: Loncar: We will only reduce the number of people in Covid hospitals rather than close them


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