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Healing water from Mt. Maljen is a hit in Serbia: People get it delivered by courier services

The healing water has also brought back life to the locals on Mt. Maljen

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Maljen lekovita voda

Photo: RINA

There is a source of medicinal water on the Maljen Mountain, which has a high concentration of magnesium in its composition, making it healing for all those who have problems with muscle pain and cramps. For a long time, these blessings were enjoyed only by the locals in mountain villages, who can boast of longevity. However, thanks to one person, this water is now available to all citizens of Serbia.

"I didn't want this natural treasure to be flowing into a stream. I built a modern factory, and I invested my savings earned abroad in my ancestral land. All medical tests have been performed and the healing properties of this water are exceptional, there is no sodium at all in it," Radojko Milinkovic, the owner of the company Crystal Field, which produces and packages the water from Maljen, told RINA.

Ranka Blagojevic from Gornja Gorevnica near Cacak says that she had terrible cramps in her legs but that this stopped when she started drinking this water, on a recommendation.

"My legs were almost blue from the veins. Since I started using this water they have completely receded in one leg while on the other they are half as big. The only problem for me is that I have a hard time getting the water, because only a few stores in Cacak stock it," she says.

In addition to the locals inthe villages on Suvobor and Maljen, the mountain water has found its way to numerous customers throughout Serbia, because now, due to great demand, home delivery is also possible.

"We were surprised when customers started to be interested in that water. Already a container is sold in the store every day, and it's interesting that we deliver a dozen packages to many people's home addresses. We already have a developed delivery of domestic, healthy products, so this water absolutely fits into our offer," says Aleksej Radicevic, the director of the company Vajati Food.

It may sound unbelievable, but many customers order this water via courier services.

"We send hundreds of packages daily, cash on delivery. Yesterday, we sent 12 boxes to Cuprija, eight to Nis, nine to Leskovac, 11 to Novi Sad. They call us from all parts and we can barely manage to deliver. We try to respect our customers, regardless of whether we are sending four or ten packages," says Radojko Milinkovic.

Otherwise, this water will soon be available in entire Vojvodina through distributors from Subotica and Novi Sad, with whom negotiations are currently underway. There is a shortage of distributors for Kraljevo and Nis who would bring the benefits of  the Maljen water closer to customers in the south of Serbia.


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