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Doctor Kisic Tepavcevic reveals in which winter months seasonal flu and coronavirus could collide

The flu season reaches its peak from December until March

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Epidemiologist Doctor Darija Kisic Tepavcevic spoke about the possibility of the flu and coronavirus colliding, as well as when that might happen.

"Regarding simultaneous infection with the flu and coronavirus, it is very certain. We know that these are two respiratory infections and that their season is precisely the winter period when we are more likely to group in enclosed spaces. We can see that the coronavirus infection did not subside even during summer months, but if we look at the previous years, the flu season lasted from the end of October to March, which is a rather long period of time."

According to her, the highest rate of patients with seasonal flu last year was in February, leading to school holidays being extended, which significantly reduced the incidence of infection.

"The biggest peaks of influenza in previous seasons were from December to February, and sometimes even until March. What's very important to know is that these general prevention measures that we apply to coronavirus are practically the same prevention measures for the flu. However, in the case of the flu, we are lucky to have vaccines as a significant measure that helps us a lot in the fight against that virus," she concluded.

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