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Species of eagle extinct in Serbia spotted in nature reserve: Its wingspan is over 1.5 meters

It is recognizable by its sudden plunge

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Orao ribar

Photo: Wikimedia/Peter Massas

A rare species of fish eagle has been spotted in the area of the Special Nature Reserve "Ritovi Donjeg Potisja," in the locality of Komonj, and as they say at the Institution "Rezervati Prirode" (Nature Reserves) in Zrenjanin, during a regular tour of this area, the eagle was spotted by nature reserve guard Milan Plavsic and biologist Jasna Jovanov.

The fish eagle is a rare species and a regular visitor to Serbia during migration to Africa, and is characterized by a white head with a black stripe over the eye and a brown necklace on the white chest.

The wingspan of this exceptional hunter ranges from 152 to 167 centimeters, the bird weighs about 2 kilograms, and is recognizable by its sudden plunge and diving into the water while fishing.

This species is listed as extinct in Serbia.


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