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Dr. Kon announces decision: Everyone returning to Serbia should register in this way


These are the details of the supervision of tourists returning from Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Albania

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Predrag Kon, turisti

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Due to coronavirus, Serbia will start monitoring our citizens returning from Montenegro, Croatia, BiH and Albania from Friday at 6 pm, all of them will receive an explanation at the entrance to the country, while Dr. Predrag Kon, epidemiologist and member of the Crisis HQ for the fight against coronavirus explains that they will register electronically, and that they will have to state which border crossing they came back through and when.

Those who have symptoms, as he said, must report to a Covid clinic, and those who cannot report electronically, should go to their chosen doctor, and register in that way.

"It would not be good for everyone to rush to Covid clinics, that would not be sustainable. We expect 50,000 to be coming to the country a week, times 10 days, that's 500,000. This form is something that already exists as a self-assessment test on the e-zdravlje.gov.rs portal. The only thing that everyone has an obligation to do is to report to the healthcare system through that portal. As soon as registration is done through that system, and the person states when and which border crossing they came in through, they are in the system.

"If that person shows symptoms, they should immediately report to a Covid clinic. The first is the obligation to register electronically, and the second, if symptoms appear, to go to the clinic. And as soon as they go to the clinic, hand over their health insurance card, the doctor immediately has an insight into the data," explains Dr. Kon:

"It's important that they are registered, that is according to the law, it means that they have an obligation. Penalties will not be the main way to fight. However, it should be understood that a person who does not report, and then infects others cannot avoid what is written in the law."

He adds that he doesn't expect that everyone will enter the data without any problems. He also points out that this is not about creating records.

"This is not a question of control or records. This is a personal matter, that someone should go to a Covid clinic if they have the symptoms. It is not a matter of records of how many people entered (the country), we can also get that from the border police," said Dr. Kon and added that fines are prescribed but would not be issued - but that the fine is 150,000 dinars if someone endangers the health of citizens.

Granični prelaz Batrovci - Bajakovo, granica, Srbija i Hrvatska

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The registration, he says, takes 30 seconds. If someone doesn't know how to do it, then they will go to their chosen doctor.

He could not specify whether the system will start working tomorrow at 6 pm, but said it was being worked on.

Dr. Kon also commented on the fact that people can't travel from Serbia to the European Union for another two weeks.

"Their epidemiological situation is far less favorable. We’re still in the yellow zone and heading down towards the green, and maybe that’s why. This suits us epidemiologically, rather than going to those countries where transmission is more intensive," said Dr. Kon.

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