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British girls discovered a dark side of spending a vacation in Croatia: They've tried kidnapping us, they were touching us and a policeman tried hitting on me (VIDEO)

Two women from Belgrade came for vacation in Tivat, and then they started robbing: Huanita and Hana broke into a house, they stole thousands of euros and gold jewelry

Albanians occupied Budva, Serbs are in Ulcinj: This is what the tourist season in Montenegro looks like

Serbian Kolo and accordion in Greek sea: Serbian politician brought a hundred people to the water with the sounds of folk music (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Hackers made Serbs miserable who paid for their vacations over fake Greek websites, this is a way to safely make a reservation for your accommodation (PHOTO)

Tourists from Serbia headed to Greece and then they were kicked out in Kragujevac and Kraljevo: Vacation for 100 passengers canceled one hour after departure

Ljubisa's tanning oils replaced expensive products: Girls are crazy about it, and it has only two ingredients (PHOTO)

A couple from Belgrade turned a van into "home-mobile" and they going to Scandinavia: They will live in phenomenal 4.8 square meters in the next few months (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

INCREDIBLE TWIST IN THE CASE OF A MURDER ON ZAKYNTHOS: Latest autopsy evidence can set the arrested Serbs free (VIDEO)

Serbian passengers arrived from freezing New York: They finally landed to Belgrade after 3-day trip from Moscow (PHOTO)

They stole "Golf" from a Bosnian, and they returned it after a month: He opened the trunk in disbelief, and he found a lot of stuff inside (PHOTO)

Heaven for men's eyes: Ivana Spanovic in sexy bathing suit on Maldives (PHOTO)

It is difficult for the Croats to say thank you, their beaches are painful, and they lie: What are the tourists from all over the world complaining about on the Adriatic coast

Serbs are going to the vacation in Albania this summer: Take a look at their beaches (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

American tourists delighted with Bosnia: Nature is gorgeous, everything is clean, and they were fascinated the most by one thing

Serbian officer is offering free vacation for poor families because he knows what's it like to have nothing: Predrag provides accommodation, food and transportation (PHOTO)

The man who rents houses to world's millionaires reveals the secrets of his job (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Genius Serbs found a solution to take a swim in flooded Greece (VIDEO)

The bravest or the craziest Serb in the world: Stefan walked in the center of Tirana, next to Skenderbeg, in a shirt "Kosovo is Serbia" (PHOTO)

These three girls could be the key in the investigation on Zakynthos, this is what they did: Everybody missed this detail (VIDEO)

BREAKING NEWS: This is a real footage of the fight on Zakynthos - it is clear who is hitting who! (VIDEO)

Tanjug published fake video of the fight on Zakynthos (VIDEO)

Adriana Lima is visiting Montenegro, and she won over the region with a single comment in SERBIAN! (PHOTO)

These are the names of the young men from Serbia who were accused of murdering the American on Zakynthos

Ana from Russia is disappointed with Croatian coast, and she is not the only one: Everything is nice on the photos, but in reality...

You return to your home country and you regret the same moment: Famous Croatian chef had an unpleasant surprise when he came home for vacation (PHOTO)

She entered the store on the Adriatic Beach in a G-string swimsuit: While she was casually shopping, everyone stared into her butt! (PHOTO)

Hundreds of families at the Adriatic offer free vacation: The whole Balkans has united for a noble goal

I know how to do a lot of things, i am saving for the vacation: A wonderful guy and a difficult life story hides behind a humorous ad (PHOTO)

SHOCK, SCREAM, PANIC: Famous businessman suddenly stopped his speech and threw himself off the balcony in Mostar (VIDEO)