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"Covid supervision papers already handed out, fines mentioned": Citizens report from border

"We were given a paper and told that if we do not report, we would be fined," Tanja DJ., a 35-year-old from Belgrade, tells Telgraf.rs. She crossed the border between Montenegro and Serbia at 9:50 am this morning

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Our citizens returning to Serbia are already receiving notifications about coronavirus supervision, even though they crossed the border this morning, rather than today after 6 pm. According to our readers, the notifications about supervision and the appeal that they are under obligation to report electronically are allegedly being distributed to everyone crossing our border since midnight.

Tanja DJ. contacted the Telegraf.rs newsroom. She crossed the border between Serbia and Montenegro with her boyfriend and friend at around 9:50 am, via the Gostun crossing. They were then handed the supervision paper.

"The customs officer scanned our ID cards outside the checkpoint and said that we have to report or be fined."

True, the paper they received states that if they do not report electronically within 24 hours, they will commit a misdemeanor punishable under Article 85, paragraph 1, item 10 of the Law on Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases.

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This article of the law stipulated that a fine in the amount of 50,000 to 150,000 dinars will be imposed on anyone who does not act according to regulations, decisions or orders issued by competent authorities in accordance with the law, which determines measures to protect the population from infectious diseases.

Tanja DJ. was vacationing with her boyfriend and friend in Canj, Montenegro, and instead of returning to Belgrade on Monday, they decided to cut the vacation short and return today due to the announced supervision measures.

"We interrupted our vacation to avoid having any problems. It's not a problem to report, but we don't understand why they gave us the paper stating that we are under supervision, if it was announced that this will start after 6 pm. When we asked the customs officer why we are getting the paper now, he told us that it started at midnight, and that they were told to do it," she told Telegraf.rs.

Supervision of citizens returning to the country was supposed to begin at 6 p.m. As announced, everyone who gets back in the country after 6 pm on Friday will receive this warning, and will have to report electronically.

As of this morning, the border crossings between Serbia and Montenegro are very crowded, and an even greater influx of passengers into our country is expected between 4 and 6 pm.

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