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Suspected killer of Strahinja Stojanovic identified: International arrest warrant is being issued

The suspect is not only a citizen of the Republic of Serbia

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Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and Minister of the Interior Dr. Nebojsa Stefanovic today praised members of the police who shed light on the murder that took place on September 13 in New Belgrade.

"Thanks to serious and good work, members of the police, in cooperation with the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, managed to identify the perpetrator of this criminal act and collect enough evidence to file a criminal complaint," said Stefanovic.

As Stefanovic explained, the suspect is not only a citizen of the Republic of Serbia, which is why, in cooperation with other state bodies, an international arrest warrant is being issued.

Strahinja Stojanovic was killed on September 13 at noon in Omladinskih Brigada Street in Belgrade. A Latin American woman, Sonia Suarez, was in the vehicle with him. The two were transported to the Emergency Center, where Strahinja later succumbed to his injuries and died.

The minister thanked members of the criminal investigations police of the Police Administration for the City of Belgrade and the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office, who, thanks to good cooperation and hard work, managed to shed light on the murder that upset the citizens of Serbia because of the gory way it happened, in a car explosion.

Stefanovic also recalled that the police, through efficient work in the previous weeks, quickly shed light on two murders that took place in that period, as well as one murder from 2009.

"Police professionals have shown that they can successfully solve even the most complex cases and the most serious crimes," concluded Stefanovic.


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