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More horrific footage of violence: Minors batter young man in Pirot, throw him onto the ground


* Three minors have been arrested * The victim suffered severe bodily injuries

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Video: A savage beating of a young man in the middle of the street in Pirot

The brutal fight in Pirot was recorded by security cameras. The incident left the 23-year-old young man seriously injured, Telegraf.rs has learned.

A video circulating in the city, which reached our newsroom, shows a group of younger men in a physical confrontation with an individual. As we have learned from the Pirot police, three of the attackers have been arrested.

The event took place in the evening of September 15, it has been confirmed for us.

"Members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Pirot on September 15 this year, immediately upon receiving a report that three unknown young men were beating one person in Kraljevica Marka Street, went to the scene and found an ambulance crew tending to a 23-year-old man who had visible injuries. The same evening, the police identified and found three minors, two aged 17 and one aged 16 from the area of ​​Pirot, who are suspected of physically assaulting the 23-year-old after a short verbal altercation, hitting him on the head and body with their hands and feet.

On that occasion, the 23-three-year-old man suffered severe bodily injuries, which have been diagnosed by the doctors of the General Hospital," the Pirot police said in their reply to our query.

They further stated that the police informed the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Pirot about the event, on whose order the three juveniles were placed under arrest and brought before the prosecutor along with a report about the police arrest, on suspicion that they committed the crime of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

"A judge of the High Court in Pirot ordered the juveniles to be detained for up to 30 days," the police added.

As we have learned unofficially, the young victim is not in a coma, as has been speculated during the previous days in the city where the brutal violence took place.

This attack happened a few days after a video surfaced of a brutal beating of a 28-year-old man in Novi Sad, who had both his forearms broken while he was unconscious.


He was thrown to the ground unconscious

The gruesome footage of the fight in which the main culprits were minors did not hint at a bad turn of events from the beginning, at least as seen by security cameras installed on nearby houses.

At first, the young man who was assaulted and the group greeted each other, after which the severely injured 23-year-old was first  knocked to the ground with one blow, and then kicked. At one point, his limp body is lifted off the asphalt, to then be thrown onto the ground again.

By the end of the video, he was lying motionless, surrounded by several people.


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