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Stopica Cave already achieved number of visits equal to 2019 in September this year

Despite the coronavirus crisis

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One of the tourist attractions on Mt. Zlatibor, Stopica Cave, has already, by September, equaled last year's result in terms the number of visits, reports Tanjug.

In a tourist season taking place under the shadow of the Covid epidemic, Stopica Cave on the northeastern slope of Zlatibor, 19 kilometers away from the tourist resort, has so far been visited by over 95,000 people.

The best result was recorded during August, when up to 1,500 people passed through the cave on some days.

During the entire last year, between 80,000 and 90,000 tourists visited this increasingly popular Zlatibor attraction.

Stopica Cave was created by a river and is 1,691.5 meters long, with the Trnavski Stream flowing through it.

The cave consists of five segments, the Dark and the Light Hall, the Great Hall, a canal, and a river canal, while the limestone layer in the cave dates back to the Triassic period and is over 100 meters thick.

Stopica Cave is located at an altitude of 711 meters, and besides the impressive entrance opening that is 18 meters high, its trademark are Bigrene Kade, hollows in the stone bordered by walls that turn into waterfalls during rain and snow melting.

During high water, the river canal forms a 9.44 meters-tall waterfall, "Source of Life."

The Zlatibor attraction receives visitors throughout the year, and almost every year this protected natural monument is additionally worked on to show some new detail of its beauty.


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