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Exclusive: Latest data on supervision of citizens entering Serbia, here's how many have symptoms


Most arrivals are recorded from Montenegro, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and then Croatia

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Photo: Shutterstock, e-zdravlje.gov.rs

In less than 10 days, more precisely as of the shift in the night between Sunday and Monday, September 27 and 28, 43,498 of our citizens returned Serbia and completed the self-assessment test as part of the coronavirus supervision, Telegraf.rs has learned from the Ministry of Health.

All of them reported to the portal www. e-zdravlje.gov.rs and completed the self-assessment test.

"Out of that number, 54 have been sent to a Covid clinic immediately after reporting and completing the self-assessment test, because they are suspected of having Covid 19," we learned from the Ministry of Health.

Most arrivals are recorded from Montenegro, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then Croatia.

Yesterday, for example, 3,128 citizens returned in Serbia, 828 from Montenegro, 1,684 from BiH, and 326 from Croatia. A day earlier, 4,477 people entered Serbia and filled out the test - 1,772 from Montenegro, 1,606 from BiH, and 354 from Croatia.

The day before, 3,647 citizens arrived, 1,438 from Montenegro, 1,194 from BiH and 542 from Croatia.

Supervision of our citizens returning from Montenegro, Croatia, BiH and Albania began on Friday, September 18 at 6 pm.

Each Serbian citizen, or a foreigner with residence in Serbia, now entering the country is notified at the border that they should report to the health authorities in Serbia within 24 hours.

The application is done electronically, via the website www.e-zdravlje.gov.rs. The self-assessment test for coronaviru is done on this site.

The result of the test is an indicator of whether they need to report to a Covid clinic.

Read all about the supervision and procedure when filling out the self-assessment test here.

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