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Belgrade derby to be played in front of fans: "Matter of days before FSS allows their return"


The "eternal derby" played between Red Star and Partizan football clubs is scheduled to take place on October 17

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Humska, stadion Partizana, večiti derbi, FK Crvena zvezda, FK Partizan

Photo: MN Press

Dr. Miljko Ristic, president of the Medical Commission of the Football Federation of Serbia (FSS), indirectly announced that the upcoming 163rd eternal derby could be played in front of an audience.

Ristic spoke for the newspaper Alo saying that stadiums across Serbia could be "unlocked" very quickly.

"I believe it's a matter of days before the FSS allows fans to be present at the matches. Of course, there will be a certain number of people at the stadium and health measures and regulations will have to be respected. If we take into account the fact that Serbia is at a satisfactory level in terms of the number of infected people, then such a decision makes sense," said Ristic and added:

"The Crisis HQ is not commenting yet, but I think that the time has come for the fans to return where they belong. That is the reality, of course with the obligation to respect (coronavirus) recommendations of the authorities. Except in Red Star and Partizan stadiums, attendance is not high in our SuperLiga, so there is no danger of the pandemic spreading, plus the game is played outdoors."

The eternal derby is scheduled for October 17 in Partizan's stadium, and before that, another matchday will be played when Red Star will play against Napredak, and Partizan against Metalac.

Then comes a break for national team's matches that will last until the derby, while Serbia will play against Norway, Hungary and Turkey in the meantime. The first game is very important, because winning would mean that the national team would get a chance to fight for participation in the European Championship.


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