Serbian companies develop new, silver mask against coronavirus, sought in Macedonia, Greece, Albania

The initial quantity of masks for children will be delivered by October 10

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Srebrna maska Galenika Photo: Tanjug/Rade Prelic

A new product, "Silver Mask," ("Srebrna Maska") in sizes for children and adults, having an additional level of protection, will appear in the markets in Serbia and in the region in mid-October.

This product is the result of cooperation between domestic manufacturers Koloid and Galenika Frmacija.

"Silver Mask" whose production is taking place in a plant in Petrovac na Mlavi, with the mediation of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS), is the result of application of modern nanotechnologies, where silver and zeolite ions are permanently integrated into the fabric by ultrasonic ionization, which provides an added level of protection.

Secretary of the Association for Pharmacy and Medical Activity of the PKS, Mirjana Vucicevi,c said during a tour of production facilities that the partnership between these companies is an excellent model for creating innovative domestic products, competitive in the international market.

"I expect that this cooperation will be a great example for others to connect, exchange ideas, develop solutions and create quality products. The Serbian Chamber of Commerce will always give institutional support to the domestic manufacturing industry and its efforts to create new values," she said.

Galenika Farmacija Director Ljiljana Topic said that the company produces protective equipment, sterile and non-sterile products and has more than 50 different medical devices entered in the register of the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices.

"In the plant in Petrovac, we are narrowly specialized in the production of protective masks for children and adults. We have recognized a strategic partner in the company Koloid and we've launched the first step in the production of silver colloidal children's masks, with the first quantities set to be delivered by October 10," said Ljiljana Topic.

Galenika Farmacija is now making 200,000 protective children's masks in the new plant in Petrovac na Mlavi, and after that, production of masks with silver ions for adults will begin. This company produces sterile and non-sterile compresses, band-aids, bandages and sanitary materials, first aid car kits, lockers and first aid bags.

Koloid General Director Bozidar Backovic said that the company has 14 years of experience in producing and developming products based on silver ions. He added that this cooperation in the production of silver protective masks is just the beginning and thanked the PKS, which recognized Koloid's potential.

"Our best experts have now, in cooperation with the company Galenika Farmacija, managed to integrate ionic silver and zeolites through ultrasound, which is the technology of ultrasonic ionization. We managed to keep that silver for a long time in the fabric of the mask. Thus, we provide additional antimicrobial protection and extend the duration of the mask," he pointed out.

As he further said, "the mask and the technology that we managed to develop together with Galenika Farmacija is something that has already been recognized in the market of the region and there is interest and demand from companies from Greece, Macedonia and Albania. We hope for a successful and long-term cooperation."

In cooperation with the Novak Djokovic Foundation, the first batch of silver masks for children, 100,000 pieces, will be donated to first-graders in primary schools across Serbia.

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