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No more burgers after a night out: Belgrade limits opening hours of fast food joints in buildings

All fast food restaurants located in residential buildings have been warned

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The decision to prohibit around-the-clock opening hours of fast food restaurants in residential buildings came into force today. According to this decision, which was adopted last week by the City Assembly fast food restaurants in residential buildings can stay open the same as cafes and restaurants - on weekdays until midnight, and on weekends until 1 am.

By October 31, these restaurants can stay open until 1 am on weekdays as well - a measure brought by the City to help this sector.

"It is no longer possible for fast food restaurants to be open all night. This was decided because citizens complained and justifiably so said that they could not sleep, and the city government wants to bring order. As we have introduced order when it comes to parking, so we will introduce order in terms of noise, we will solve the problem of steam and odors, and we will protect citizens every time they are in the right. It was not normal for people to be gathering in buildings at 3 or 4 in the morning, shouting and consuming food. Such a thing doesn't happen anywhere in the world," Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic told Studio B.

According to him, all fast food restaurants located in residential buildings received a warning yesterday, although they knew seven days ago that the decision would take effect.

"This is another victory of citizens over those who are arrogant. We fight for everyone to be able to work, for every job to survive, but never to the detriment of citizens. You cannot have a restaurant or a cafe and harass people who live in the building, instead you should work so that they can lead normal lives, and you can earn money," Vesic concluded.

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