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Unknown details about the arrest: Pavkovic asked to shoot down aircraft taking Milosevic to Hague

In a Hague Tribunal verdict, General Nebojsa Pavkovic was sentenced to 22 years for crimes in Kosovo, and has been in prison for 15 years

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Ministarstvo odbrane NATOA GRESIJA PAVKOVIC

Photo: Tanjug/Ministry of Defense

(Former Yugoslav Army chief) General Nebojsa Pavkovic, who was sentenced to 22 years by the Hague Tribunal for crimes in Kosovo and has been in prison for 15 years, has reveals some details about Slobodan Milosevic's arrest.

As he explained, he informed then president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Vojislav Kostunica, what was happening, and Kostunica then stopped answering his phone.

In his book, "Povlenske magle" ("Mt. Povlen Fogs") the convicted general explained that Interior Minister at the time, Dusan Mihajlovic, writes in one place that while Milosevic was in the Central Prison, they "took all measures so that Pavkovic would not find out where Milosevic was."

"Not even our security organs knew about the date when Milosevic would be delivered to The Hague," says Pavkovic.

"I was in the residence, in Andre Nikolica Street, it was the afternoon, around 6 pm. And Kosta Cavoski calls me.

He says, 'You're sitting there, watching TV, are you aware that your commander-in-chief is being arrested?'

Slobodan MIlošević


Which commander - I ask.

Milosevic - he says - there, they're take him by car, he's going to The Hague."

Pavkovic then scrambled to call his associates to learn what was happening, contacting the head of the Security Administration. Nobody knew anything.

"Doctor Zdravko Mijajlovic, head of the Cardiology Clinic at the Military Medical Academy, called me and said, 'Comrade General, I am at the top of the Military Medical Academy here, I see that a car has arrived, they are bringing Milosevic and taking him to a helicopter," Pavkovic explained, Glas Javnosti writes.

Pavkovic said that he had accurate information and was able to react, call Vojislav Kostunica. They spoke, and Kostunica asked him, "So what can we do here?"

"I said we can, if you order, force the helicopter to land. If they refuse, we can shoot it down, too. He said - well, I'll get back to you. And he didn't call back. And that helicopter flew away..."


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