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"We had 47 dead this morning, there'll be more by 2 pm. We'll be approaching catastrophic scenario"

"The situation in hospitals is terribly difficult," said Vucic

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Video: Vucic: Today is the hardest day, 47 deaths this morning alone

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said that today is the most difficult day for Serbia as far as coronavirus is concerned, and that most likely every day after today will be difficult.

"We had 47 deaths already this morning, which is by far the largest number so far, probably until 2 pm, when the cross-section is made that is announced to you, there will be even more. The situation in hospitals is terribly difficult for us, because when you receive 10,000 people for examination every day and you have to hospitalize 1,000 people, then it's clear to you what it is," he said, adding that hospitals are being built more than ever in history for nothing, if we ourselves are not disciplined and responsible.

"We will be approaching a really catastrophic scenario," said the president of Serbia.

When it comes to the vaccine against coronavirus, the president of Serbia said that he could promise people that he would try to make Serbia one of the first small countries to procure it.

"We are all trying to get it as soon as possible. We are also talking to the Chinese and the Russians, to everyone, but we don't have it yet. We are trying and will do our best to be the first among small countries to get some significant quantities of the vaccine. We don't have scientists who can make that vaccine, Germany, China, America, that's it," Vucic pointed out.

"If I said that I wouldn't receive the vaccine, they would have said that it's not safe, if Vucic won't receive it. I said I would be the first to receive it, whichever one comes, because I believe in the vaccine. When I say that I will be the first to receive it, regardless of the risk, they say that I provided for myself but not for everyone else. Well let them tell me what to do, it's important for me that the people receive the vaccine. Even when there's corona I'm with my people, I will not run away and take refuge from anyone," the president concluded.

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