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Nikola gave his colleague a lift, crashed into fuel truck, died instantly: Nothing was left of BMW

Nikola T. (22) from Zajecar and Goran M. (33) from the nearby village of Vrazogrnac were both killed

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Zapaljeni bmw na putu, Užice

Illustration, Photo: Rina.rs

Nikola T. (22) from Zajecar and Goran M. (33) from the nearby village of Vrazogrnac were killed in a horrific traffic accident that happened on the Zajecar-Negotin road at around 3 pm on Thursday.

At the time of the collision with the fuel tank truck, that was empty yesterday and otherwise transporting liquefied petroleum gas, the victims were in a BMW driven by Nikola. An investigation will determine how the accident happened, but the scene of the crash was horrific. There was almost nothing left of the car, Novosti reports.

As unofficially reported, Goran missed his bus yesterday after work in an appliances store, where he was employed together with Nikola, so the younger colleague offered to give him a lift to his house in Vrazogrnec. Not far from the Zajecar cable factory, their BMW collided directly with the fuel truck. Both died immediately from the force of the impact.

Goran M. was a father of three children, of whom the youngest daughter is less than two years old. He started working in the store only 20 days ago.

Nikola's acquaintances say that he bought the car two months ago and probably just wanted to help out a colleague.

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