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Street art in Belgrade is flourishing, and now the whole world can see 40 of the best murals

What is your favorite Belgrade mural?

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Odri Hepbern

Audrey Hepburn street art/ Photo: Unsplash/Pascal Bernardon

The first exhibition of street art and graffiti in Belgrade , "Take III - Loving Street Art Belgrade" held in virtual space is available to the public from all over the world on the VR-All-Art platform.

The exhibition presents over 40 works created by domestic and foreign authors located in Belgrade's streets, organizers announced.

ulicna umetnost

Photo: Unsplash/ Maksim Shutov

Visitors from all over the world will have the opportunity to access the exhibition via a website from any computer or laptop, as well as with the use of VR equipment.

The goal of the exhibition is to provide a unique artistic experience and allow people to learn about the world of graffiti and street art in Belgrade.

"This is an innovative approach to the presentation of street art and graffiti, which will enable people to learn about works created by domestic and foreign artists on the streets of Belgrade. Although nothing can replace observing and researching graffiti and street art in real space, in the last decade, and especially in 2020, it has become obvious that new technologies give an additional dimension to this field of art," said Ljiljana Radosevic, art historian and author of the exhibition.

When they "step" inside the space of the exhibition "Take III - Loving Street Art Belgrade" visitors will be able to view over 40 works divided into categories - old school graffiti, collaborations by several artists, characters, templates, stickers, murals...

The exhibited works are accompanied by texts that describe the context in which they were created and provide insight into the history of the development of graffiti and street art culture in Belgrade.

The texts are available in English, along with audio narration of the exhibition.

In addition to the exhibition, a life-size virtual replica of a Belgrade wall has been set up in the space.

Visitors can approach the wall and inspect the works in detail.

The author of the project is the organization Street Art Belgrade, whose members have been researching, documenting and popularizing street art and graffiti for over two decades.

The works that have been the most popular on the Instagram page "Street Art Belgrade" in the previous period were picked for the exhibition.

The project is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

What is your favorite Belgrade mural? Let us know in the comments.

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