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I saw her dragged down the street: Neighbors talk about Cukarica crime, where a dead woman was found


Neighbors of a man who is suspected of killing the woman say that he was known for creating unpleasant scenes

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Members of the Belgrade police are still in the neighborhood of Cukarica, in Dusana Vlajica Street, in front of a home where a crime took place last night that resulted in the murder of S.D. (47).

According to the latest information coming from the police, N.I., the owner of the apartment where her body was found with a stab wound, is suspected of her murder.

According to the daily Blic, the police officers brought N.I. to the apartment, stayed inside for a while, and then took him out and drove him to the police station. Earlier this morning, the police spoke with a neighbor who reportely identified the woman's body.

While the police are collecting clues at the scene, the neighbors recount the inconveniences they were experiencing mostly because of N.I., since the murdered woman only ame to live in the apartment about three months ago.

"He was causing problems and harassing me by coming to my door drunk and banging at it, and then for cigarettes and alcohol. A few days ago, I saw them returning from the store and he dragged her down the street because she could not walk," a neighbor told Blic.

Other neighbors also told of unpleasant situations they had experienced with N.I., whom most them describing him as an alcoholic, and the murder victim as a (drug) addict.

"She did not leave that apartment for the last two days, and she was allegedly experiencing a withdrawal crisis when she was killed. He kept bad company, all sorts of people came to him there, drank, who knows what they did... As far as I know, he has two marriages behind him," a neighbor said.

As the police announced earlier today, N.I. was arrested on suspicion of committing the crime of murder and placed in detention for up to 48 hours.


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