Teme: Woman

A pregnant woman, her daughter (12) and her husband drowned: A friend jumped after them to save them and he disappeared in the Skadar lake (PHOTO)

One of three people "beeped" while leaving the market, and the workers jumped only on her. She is a Roma woman (VIDEO)

A video as a warning that we have to be prepared every second: A woman looked at the shoes, and she was robbed the next moment (VIDEO)

Ana met a granny (80) who wanted to jump into the Danube, and she did the most beautiful thing in the world (PHOTO)

A woman took off her trousers and panties in the center of Split and defecated (VIDEO)

They meet for the first time, they exchange few words and "hook-up" from the door: After the action, they split up as if nothing happened. These ads pushed the limits in Serbia (PHOTO)

"The average size of Serbian pride is 18cm and Albanian 13cm": How many women dream about sex with Albanian, and how many Albanians would go to bed with a Serbian?

Two miraculous springs between three Orthodox churches: The locals claim that they heal wounds and disabled people start moving (PHOTO)

Grandma Stana is 100 years old: She reads, crochets, and knits. She has nine children, 19 grandchildren, and 20 great-grandchildren (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY: Women in Serbia have 16.4% lesser wages than men

She was walking barefoot on the snow and when they bought her shoes - she didn't want to take them! Bosnians were furious: Shame, she gathers money by walking barefoot (VIDEO)

She writes novels about true destinies of strong women who believe in love: Her books are bestsellers and they all have an important message (PHOTO)

Sexy Saska from Republika Srpska finally arrested: She blackmailed a priest with porn videos (PHOTO)

The robber left a baby in the taxi and she went for her target! Drama at the south of Macedonia, the victim was a granny (80)

SHE WAS STUCK IN A WELL FOR 13 HOURS IN BELGRADE: Woman (61) went to her neighbor using a shortcut and fell down a hole. That is the moment the drama began

Javorka is 103 years old and she is the oldest woman in Smederevo: She never goes to the doctors, and this is the secret of her longevity (PHOTO)

Valentina lost her job and she decided to go to the village: She only had 10 euros and she earned for a house and a car in two years. And she has a beautiful life (PHOTO)

A beautiful building in Banat hides a terrible secret: No one dares to cut the grass around this castle, and mysterious shadow flies over it once a year (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A Croat lied that he was a woman and made people take off their clothes and masturbate on Skype: He recorded everything in secret, and then made their lives miserable!

Inja is a police officers and criminals are afraid of her, Jadran is a bodybuilder and he works in a kindergarten: Together they have 220 kg and spend 1.200 euros per month on food (PHOTO)

Statistics that hurts: Youth in Serbia don't think that slap is violence and "it's their own fault" if someone attacks the girls - for mini skirts

Dajana Dangubic is the first female tank commander: She is a weightlifting champion, she jumped from the bridge and she has a message for all girls (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

He robbed the deceased granny and took jewelry to the jewelry shop to sell it: The worker asked him a question and he immediately started running!

"Help, rape!": A bloody girl screamed and ran away from a migrant in a public toilet! This is a second case in Zagreb in one week

A migrant attacked a woman in Croatia: He charged at her in the entrance of a building, neighbors saved her

Croatian Casanova: He seduced several hundred women and he revealed the secret to his success

Pyromaniac arrested who caused SEVEN fires near Sibenik

Vedrana (20) is destroying all prejudices about women: She drives tractor better than any man, she beats even the most experienced ones! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Storm in Novi Sad claimed a life: Tree crushed a car, woman died on the spot (PHOTO)

He blackmailed the husband of his ex girlfriend with nude pictures: Break up revenge costed him dearly