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Kon: I feel exhausted after the Crisis HQ meetings, when I hear their arguments, I get the chills

"We are in the phase of the lowering of the curve and that is why we thought that the measures should not be relaxed," said Predrag Kon

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Photo: Tanjug/Serbian government/Slobodan Miljevic

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon stated today that the medical part of the Crisis HQ did not support any easing of anti-coronavirus measures.

"We weren't in favor of this. There are other arguments from the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Belgrade, and they should be respected. When I hear their arguments I get the chills, just like when they hear the arguments from the medical part," epidemiologist Predrag Kon said today.

He told TV Prva that the situation is still critical, and that there is danger.

"We are in the phase of the lowering of the curve and that is why we thought that the measures should not be relaxed," our expert stated.

He says that if the wages of healthcare workers begin to be endangered, then we are restrained and must accept that we are together in the Crisis HQ, along with the economic part.

I would like us all to celebrate nicely, but that's not realistic

"There are some things that are completely unrealistic. Someone who thinks about celebrating the New Year is unrealistic. I would like everyone to celebrate nicely, but that is not realistic," Kon explained.

He says that he is interested in who in the Crisis HQ will insist on allowing New Year celebrations.

"It is a political decision to introduce PCR testing now. It couldn't have happened earlier, that's the point. I feel exhausted after the meetings of the Crisis HQ, but balance and argumentation from several sides is necessary. I think we listen to each other. It's important to explain the economic part. We did not allow the virus to spread. It decided to stay here. We are just waiting for the vaccine to seriously suppress it," the epidemiologist concluded.


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