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No room for relaxing measures for New Year: It's risky to encourage people to come into contact


Dr. Jankovic stresses that organizing New Year's celebrations goes against everything that healthcare workers have been saying

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Prof dr Radmilo Janković

Printscreen: Prva TV

There is no room for relaxing anti-coronavirus measures, says the director of the Clinic for Anesthesia of the Clinical Center Nis, Radmilo Jankovic, and adds that he doesn't believe that New Year parties will be allowed in restaurants and cafes.

He told TV Pink that it is risky to encourage people to come into close contact.

"I don't believe that the Crisis HQ will bring any measures that will include organization of New Year's Eve celebrations, because that goes against common sense and everything that healthcare workers have been saying," said Jankovic.

If these parties are allowed, he says, the result would be an enormous increase in the number of new cases on January 7, 8 and 9.

"It isn't irrelevant what message we send about organizing New Year celebrations, because (Orthodox) Christmas is coming later (Jan. 7). It's problematic to encourage organization of New Year's Eve parties, especially for younger people, with any vague messaging," he stresses.

He notes that young people are generally not sufficiently aware how serious and severe Covid 19 is.

He is also against allowing cafes to stay open until 8 pm, because that would mean daytime parties would be thrown, which would result in an increase in the number of infected people.

"To stimulate someone to do such a thing goes against common sense," the doctor thinks and recalls that there are currently 9,700  Covid patients infected in hospitals in Serbia.


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