HAPPY SERBIAN NEW YEAR: Telegraf.rs wishes you a lot of health and laughter in the Orthodox 2019!

Gouillon New Year's convoy stopped at the border: Pristina forbade him to deliver gifts to the children on Kosovo (VIDEO)

Novi Sad was glowing last night: New Year's decorations were turned on last night in Serbian Athens (PHOTO)

A man from Belgrade was caught with 14.7 blood alcohol level: He broke the world record, no one knows how he survived, and it was all because of a woman

Happy New Year 7527, according to the oldest Serbian calendar

A happy ending of a story of a baby which was found in a garbage container the last day of 2017: The mother left her in garbage, and she got a new home now

Montenegrin jumped on the stage and cursed, fight started immediately: Scandal in Podgorica at the celebration of the Serbian New Year (VIDEO)

Pula covered in posters of Serbian singer: His songs will be heard in the Home of Croatian Defenders for Serbian New Year!

The brave little girl didn't cry, and she was thrown in a trashcan! Confession of the police officers who found a baby in the New Year's night (VIDEO)

No status this many likes. He wishes a happy New Year in his own special way: Make your own money, but...

The footage of children playing in the middle of the street made the internet furious: If your mother saw what you were doing, they would beat you up (VIDEO)

Serbs in America argued: Presents should be given for which Christmas?

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