Nestorovic: I am healing, but I can't be taken 3 times a day, I would allow New Year celebrations

The pulmonologist pointed out that every day can be a New Year's Eve if you want it to be

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Prof. Dr Branimir Nestorović Photo: Nikola Tomic

Pulmonologist Dr. Branimir Nestorovic, a former member of the Crisis HQ for the suppression of the coronavirus epidemic, has told TV Happy that it is risky to celebrate the New Year, but that he would still allow it.

However, he added that every day can be a celebration, if we want it to be.

"I don't like the New Year's, but every day can be your New Year's Eve if you want. I understand politicians, it is risky, but I would let the New Year be celebrated," said Nestorovic.

He added that "all serious scientists say that the lockdown is a mistake - there are countries with no restrictions, look at Belarus."

Nestorovic points out that happiness is the most important thing in life.

"We tend to invoke unhappiness. I believe in that energy. What if most people survive, if you're going to be semi-normal. Every person can be happy if they want to," said the doctor.

He added that doctors should not act like politicians and police officers.

"The doctors suffer from the 'know it all' complex, while they should be giving advice, but not act like politicians and police officers," he stressed.

President of the National Assembly Ivica Dacic, was also a guest on TV Happy, commented on the stance of Nestorovic.

"People like to hear Nestorovic, because he has a healing effect. I am not a doctor, but he has helped us all," Dacic pointed out.

Nestorovic followed up on with these words.

"I am healing, but I can't be taken three times a day," the well-known pulmonologist joked.

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