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Exhausted young Eastern imperial eagle rescued near Prigrevica: Poisoning is suspected


The bird is being taken care of at the zoo in Palic, near Subotica, northern Serbia

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Orao Krstaš

Photo: Vojvodina Provincial Nature Protection Institute

A young eastern imperial eagle (aquila heliaca) at the end of its tether was found in the fields between the settlements of Prigrevica and Stapar yesterday. He was found there by hunters, who informed Nenad Sprem, a member of the Bird Study and Protection Society of Serbia, and who immediately informed the Provincial (Vojvodina) Institute for Nature Protection.

On the same day, the Institute took the bird and transported him to the Palic Zoo shelter. Due to well-founded suspicion that that the bird suffered poisoning, he was given appropriate therapy and then placed in an aviary.

Based on the ring on the eagle's leg, it has been determined that this is a young bird that hatched in Slovakia earlier this year. The eagle already seemed to feel better today (Thursday), having lifted himself, and straightened his head.

The (Vojvodina) Provincial Institute for Nature Protection hopes that the recovery will continue in the right direction, and that this bird can soon be released back into the wild.

Meanwhile - the poisoning of birds of prey is a serious problem, and a continuous factor endangering nature and the environment, which the Provincial Institute for Nature Protection fights against in numerous ways, including through the international project PANNONEAGLE.

Eastern imperial eagle is one of the rarest and most endangered bird species in Serbia, with only three known nesting pairs.


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