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More than 85,000 people in Serbia applied in one day to get vaccinated against Covid

Applying is very easy

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Prijava za vakcinaciju putem portala eUprava

Photo: Tanjug/AP, euprava.gov.rs

85,528 citizens of Serbia applied for vaccination against Covid-19 via the eUprava (eGovernment) portal by 8:10 am this morning, the Office for IT and eUprava told Tanjug.

The new electronic service for citizens - allowing them to express interest in receiving a vaccine against coronavirus, was launched yesterday at www.uprava.gov.rs

The service is simple, citizens fill out a form providing their name and last name, JMBG number, e-mail address and contact phone.

Besides this, citizens provide details such as whether they want to be vaccinated with any of the vaccines approved by the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices, or whether they want a specific one. They also reveal whether they have any chronic diseases.

Once the form has been filled out and send, they receive a confirmation text and an email stating that they have expressed interest.

The state decided on that move in order to better organize mass vaccination that is coming to our country.

Citizens' registration is not limited in time, and those who have expressed interest can withdraw or change it.

Younger people can apply on behalf of older citizens who are not as adept at filling out electronic forms. Also, a call center will start working on Thursday, when citizens will be able to register by phone.

Video: This is what applying for vaccination via the eUprava portal looks like: It takes 14 steps and 5 minutes


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