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Zoran said his wife abuses him, called the police to hand over bombs "before causing a problem"

* He was brought in for questioning * He is suspected of the criminal offense of unauthorized production, possession and carrying of weapons and explosives

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Ručna bomba, granata, kašikara

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Two hand grenades were found in possession of 51-year-old Zoran R. from Ivanjica after which the local police took him in for questioning.

Namely, the Ivanjica man is suspected of committing the crime of unauthorized production, possession and carrying of weapons and explosives, in this case an M-75 and an M-52 hand grenade, which were in found in an auxiliary facility next to the suspect's house, Info Liga writes.

As the media have found out unofficially, Zoran called the police on Sunday night and said that his wife was abusing him psychologically, so, since he had two hand grenades in his possession without authorization, he would like to hand them over "before causing a problem."

Members of the Ivanjica police then went to the house, where the suspect voluntarily handed over the explosives that were confiscated.


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