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"I got vaccinated, you get vaccinated too" - Importance of immunization promoted in city transport


The City of Belgrade has launched a campaign under the motto, "I got vaccinated, you get vaccinated too," which is supported by public figures. Also, the City has carried out internal branding of the buses, but the exteriors will soon be branded as well

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Secretary for Social Welfare Natasa Stanisavljevic today spoke for TV K1 about the importance of vaccination and recalled that countries that have a high level of immunization are defeating coronavirus. Therefore, she added, the City of Belgrade is investing in educating fellow citizens about the vaccination itself.

"We want passengers in public transport to have a reminder of how they can apply for immunization. All the measures in place thus far that refer to the city transport have remained unchanged and are prominently displayed in the interior of the vehicles. In addition to the prescribed measures, we are also working on educating citizens, in order for them to understand the importance of vaccination. These brochures are located in all public facilities, distributed to all municipalities. 50,000 copies have been printed in Serbian and 30,000 copies in Romani. Thanks to the efforts of the City, Belgrade today has more than 60 percent of vaccinated citizens over the age of 65," Secretary Natasa Stanisavljevic stressed.

According to her, immunization of users in children's homes and those for adults with developmental disabilities is organized in the premises of these institutions. They will be vaccinated in an environment that is familiar to them in order to avoid exposure to additional stress. The second dose will be administered today to those inoculated three weeks ago, but vaccination of new users will also be organized.

"The city has launched the campaign, 'I got vaccinated, you get vaccinated too', which is supported by public figures. Also, the City has carried out internal branding of the buses, but the exteriors will soon be branded as well. The reactions are positive because the goal is the safety of fellow citizens and their education. Posters send messages to citizens explaining that they will protect themselves and those around them in this way. Also, there are instructions on how to behave after vaccination. The city has a unified policy towards workers in communal services, so that GSP workers, one of the priority groups, have been among the first to get vaccinated," concluded Stanisavljevic.

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