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Jovanovic on incident in New Belgrade: I was attacked. I threw a chair, cameras recorded everything


Jovanovic said that nothing would have happened if he had not been attacked

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Čedomir Jovanović

Photo: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundzic

LDP party leader Cedomir Jovanovic said this morning that an incident in New Belgrade last night, during which he broke the window of a fast food restaurant, happened after he was attacked by members of the "Hijene" football supporter group.

He told TV Prva that he did throw a chair in the window, but that it happened because he was attacked, and said that he would not get out of the way for anyone. He also said that he was sorry because of the people who were in the restaurant, and because of its workers.

"There are cameras there, and there are cameras around these buildings, I will not say anything else. It’s all recorded, so let’s watch. As before, I don't care what the tabloids write, let these hooligans celebrate, but I won't get out of their way. I live here, my family is here, and whoever thinks that I will get out of their way is mistaken," Jovanovic said the morning after the incident, and confirmed that he gave a statement to the police.

He said that he was not the target of supporter groups for the first time.

"They are waiting for me here regularly, just like they did last night. This is that demolished restaurant. Did I throw a chair in the window, yes, because they only understand that language and no other," the LDP leader said standing in front of the restaurant in New Belgrade where it all happened and added:

"And the fact that this glass is a problem and Beton Hala is not, their rioting, them taking off underpants, harassing every honest person, that cannot pass with me. Nor do they expect that from me. I live here, I go to the bakery here every morning. I did not come to them, they came to me."

Jovanovic added that he did not plan to file criminal complaints.

"I'm not planning anything. I'm sorry there were people there. They are not to blame. I have nothing to do with them. They work here, that's why I'm sorry. Let them (supporters) not come to me. Let them bypass me in the street, I am absolutely not interested, nothing obligates me. If they hadn't come, if they hadn't attacked me, none of that would have happened," said Jovanovic.

As we reported last night, the restaurant stayed open regardless of the incident.

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