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Afro Festival gives you a chance to get to know African cultures better this weekended

As part of the Festival, as always, there will be musical performances

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Afro festival 26–27. jun 2021.

Photo: Bojan Dzodan

The Afro Festival - a traditional annual event that arouses great public interest, will be held on the last weekend of June - on Saturday, June 26 and Sunday, June 27 from 10 am to 6 pm - in compliance with all official epidemiological Covid restrictions.

The Afro Festival is one of the most important events staged by the Museum of African Art, which has been organized since 1997 and represents a unique event in our country and the wider region, which over time has become recognizable for its atmosphere of a true cosmopolitan celebration. During the Festival, exhibitions and lectures, concerts, conversations and travel programs, screenings of films about the arts and cultures of Africa, music, dance and art workshops for children, as well as public guided tours of the museum exhibits are organized.

Within the Festival, as always, you will find musical performances and the African Bazaar - a sales exhibition of items from different parts of Africa: masks, stone and wood sculptures, painted and dyed fabrics, paintings, batik, jewelry and decorative interior items.

Durbar is a special program within the Afro Festival, which, with the participation of African embassies in Belgrade, represents the highlight of the ceremony. Durbar is held on Sunday and includes specially prepared and arranged stands of African embassies and consulates, which through the tourist offer, souvenirs and other types of promotional materials, represent the African countries participating in the Festival.

More information about the program soon - in the meanwhile, see the gallery:


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